History and Mission

The Willie Building:

Wille's Tin Shop circa 1934

Wille’s Tin Shop circa 1934

Founded in 1906, Wille’s Tin Shop is one of the longest continuously running companies in Long Beach. The Liberty Gallery & Event Space has the distinct honor to occupy the first building purposefully built by the Wille’s family in 1930.
Through out the gallery space you will find remnants of the metal that were left in recognition to the building’s original use and in tribute to its long standing history.

The Liberty Gallery & Event Space was established in early 2011 and exhibits and promotes an intellectually demanding yet aesthetically pleasing group of younger artists. The Liberty Gallery & Event Space provides an enriching art gallery experience and is a hub for artists and the LGBT community in the Long Beach area. Operating on a low commission basis, The Liberty Gallery & Event Space allows the artists to sell their work at a low cost, making it more affordable for the general public to purchase an original piece of art.
The gallery space also includes an outdoor, urban garden area where musicians and bands can perform at our events allowing for a different, non-traditional art viewing experience.

To inquire about rental information please take a moment to fill out our short contact form or don’t hesitate to call us! phone no.: 562.901.0997